Vehicle Head-Up Display (HUD)

Product Characteristics

Quick Information Recognition

With the vehicle head-up display, the front virtual image is located further to the front, allowing the driver to keep the line of sight on the road as much as possible when driving, and to receive Information faster.


The display image appears as a virtual image on the windshield or the combiner located in front of the driver's seat.

Key Technologies

Automatic Dimming Technology
Since the Information is displayed in the front, the brightness must be adjusted to various environments, from bright afternoons to dark tunnels.
Display Design Technology
In order for the driver to understand the Information in an intuitive manner, the product needs to be designed ergonomically, with a user-friendly display in a suitable shape, size, and color.
Optical Design Technology
To avoid distortions in the optical mirror, the product must be designed with a high level of accuracy with the optical design technology.
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Vehicle Head-Up Display (HUD)
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