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Premiere Intelligent Smart Helmet at Las Vegas CES20192018.12.25

 NS West Inc. is developing an Intelligent Smart Helmet (Code name “IT-HL”) for motorcycle riders with SHOEI.
Mass Production is planned in near future.

 NS West is holding our first exhibition of our product at CES2019*1(Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada-USA, and we are looking forward to providing everyone the opportunity to try out our new Smart Helmet.

 Our Smart Helmet makes it possible to provide useful information to the rider with minimal eye movement by using a built-in HUDs (Heads Up Display), without sacrificing design and comfort, and still maintain the high safety standards required for Premium Helmets. Therefore, riders can feel safe and enjoy a premier experience.

 In the development of our Smart helmet, NS West used its strength in optical and electronic technology that have been cultivated through the manufacturing and development of HUDs for automobiles, and SHOEI which has the strength of technology that embodies comfort, design, and the highest levels of safety which are indispensable for in the making of premium helmets, have fused together at a high level through the collaboration between our two companies.

*1:CES2019 will be held for four days in January, from 8th to the 11th.
Only media and pre-registered guests can enter our exhibition area.

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About NS West Inc.
Who develops, manufactures and sells vehicle information system such as instrument clusters, HUDs and so on.
Headquarters: Hiroshima Prefecture
President: Norio Minato

About SHOEI Co.,LTD.
Who has the pride of being the number #1 premium helmet seller in the world.
Headquarters: Tokyo
President: Kenichiro Ishida

<<Contact Information>>
Miyu Tanaka
+81-82-207-3707 (EXT 547)

※During CES2019 period※
Sales Dept.
+81-82-207-3707 (EXT 532 or 533)

<Reference images >
① HUD Advantages

②System Structure Chart

③CES 2019 NS West Booth Image

<NS West Booth Adreess>
Tech East, LVCC
South Hall 2 Mtg Rms - S109


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