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Las Vegas CES2019 NS West Smart Helmet Exhibition2018.11.05


   Ns West Inc. has been developing a technology of our Smart Helmet for motorcycle riders. Mass production is planned in the near future. We will be hold our first exhibition at the CES*1 (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada-USA.

  NS West is a manufacturing company based in Hiroshima prefecture, which develops, manufactures, and sells Vehicle Instrument Cluster and Vehicle HUD(Head Up Display).

  While developing our Smart Helmet, we utilized the optical and electronic technologies in our manufacturing of HUDs for automobiles. This makes it possible to provide information such as GPS to the riders with minimal eye movement, therefore enabling motorcycle riders to be more secure and safer. So, our aim is always to provide a high-quality riding experience by providing a lightweight, compact and yet stylish design in compliance with the safety standards of each country.

*1:CES2019 will be held for four days from January, 8th to the 11th.
Only media and pre-registered guests can only enter our exhibition area.

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Contact Information
Miyu Tanaka
+81-82-207-3707 EXT 547

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