About Us

Our purpose is to achieve the best communication
between our customers and their automobiles.

NS West is a growing global company that develops, manufactures and sells vehicle information systems (display systems and sensors)
and the related system technology, always providing a full range of services.
The fact that our products are utilized in the flagship models released by Mazda Motor Corporation is a testament
to the performance and reliability that backs the technology and quality of NS WEST products.
NS WEST will continue to pursue the achievement of "best communication" between our customers and their automobiles.

President's Message

Deliver emotion and security to customers,
enhance employees satisfaction and
contribute to prosperity of local community.



The Business Philosophy and Vision of NS West.
This is an introduction of our values and product quality guidelines.


Company Outline

This section provides the foundation date, the capital,
the location of our headquarters, Information about our board members,
and other Information about our company.


Organization Chart and Group Structure

We are expanding and developing our business internationally
in cooperation with Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. and its affiliates abroad.



This section shows the history of our company from 1964 to the present day.
We are going to continue with our business in this new era.


Access Map

This section provides the access Information
for our headquarters, the Shobara Factory, Miyoshi Factory, and the Sales & development center.