President's Message

Deliver emotion and security to customers,
enhance employees satisfaction and
contribute to prosperity of local community

Since its establishment in 1982, NS West Inc. has been consistently remained as “MONOZUKURI enterprise” undertaking research, development, manufacturing and sales of Information devices (instrument clusters, displays, and the like) for automobiles. NS West has been growing unrelentingly having its eyes glued on the global market in the Nippon Seiki group.
NS West sets up the corporate mission. “Deliver emotion and security to customers, enhance employees` satisfaction and contribute to prosperity of local community” This corporate mission is a universal principle of NS West. The corporate managers as well as employees always go back to this corporate philosophy when lost the way.
It is important to deliver touching and reassuring feelings to customers through products and services in any age. Customer needs are always changing along with the environmental changes. NS West believes that it is inevitable to sense the change in advance and go step ahead. In order to provide top level products and services, it is critical to accommodate good working environment where all employees can carry out their duties with passion, pride and accomplishment. In addition, a relation to a local community will become more important even though globalization is expanded. It is because NS West is “MONOZUKURI enterprise” and the gene of “MONOZUKURI enterprise” largely depends on people/land of local society in a way.

One of the world's top-notch manufacturers,
creating a value that exceeds our customers' expectations
and providing products and services all around the world

This is the business vision of our company.
We do not aim to become the largest or the most profitable company in the world. We wish to provide the best quality and the most reliable delivery at the lowest cost possible (QDC).

We can divide the advantages of our company into 4 large categories. First, we own the technology with a high self-manufacture rate that includes molding, printing, coating, board mounting, assembly and other processes. Next, an active exchange of Information between our customers and the local suppliers ensures that the development, manufacturing and research processes can be carried out continuously together with our customers. Furthermore, the high level of loyalty of our employees allows us to work as a team. And finally, we have the access to the advanced technology and global network of our parent company, Nippon Seiki Group. Although we are a mid-sized company, we can win against large corporations with a small amount of force and a good strategic approach. With the mobility, the productivity and the desire to take on different challenges, all characteristics of mid-sized companies, we are aiming to become the "best manufacturer in the world."

We will continue our efforts to grow together with our clients in the global competition. We are counting on your continuous support and encouragement.

NS WEST Inc. President

湊 則男

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